Why do you need a real estate agent

I’m Ready to Sell My Home – Do I Need An Agent?

At the Dunnaway Property Group, we may be a little biased in encouraging you to hire us as your real estate agent.  After all, we are REALTORS®, right?

But we’ve got some compelling reasons why you should consider working with us when selling your western Kentucky area home.  

Market Expertise

Being originally from the lakes region of western Kentucky, we have a deep understanding of the local housing market. We can provide valuable insights on pricing your home competitively, considering factors like recent sales data, market trends, and demand in our area.

Pricing Strategy

Determining the right listing price is crucial to attract potential buyers and get the best value for your home. A skilled agent like ourselves can help you set a realistic and market-driven price that aligns with your goals.

MLS Access

We have access to the Multiple Listing Services(MLS) and various marketing channels to promote your property to a wide audience of potential buyers. We can create professional listings with high-quality photos and engaging descriptions to make your home stand out.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating with buyers can be complex, especially when it comes to price, repairs, and other terms. A seasoned real estate agent can act as a buffer between you and the buyer, skillfully negotiating on your behalf to secure the best deal.

Contractual Knowledge

Selling a home involves a substantial amount of paperwork and legalities.  While we are not lawyers, we can help you navigate  buyer’s contracts and offers and ensure that all the necessary documents are properly completed and submitted.

Time & Convenience

Selling a home can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you have other commitments. A real estate agent can handle all the aspects of the sale, allowing you to focus on your daily life without the burden of the selling process.

Professional Network

Real estate agents have established relationships with various professionals in the industry, such as home inspectors, appraisers, and mortgage brokers. They can recommend reliable contacts to expedite the selling process.

Objective Advice

Emotions can run high when selling your home, and it’s easy to get attached to the property. We can provide objective advice and feedback to help you make informed decisions throughout the selling journey.

While it is possible to sell your home without an agent (known as “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO), working with a qualified real estate agent like the Dunnaway Property Group can save you time, stress, and potentially earn you a higher sale price due to their expertise and network.

Backed by an incredible network of agents with Keller Williams Experience Realty in Murray, Kentucky, the Dunnaway Property Group is ready to help you sell your home and move on to the next!  Get in touch with us today.

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