Got Pets? Follow These Tips If You’re Selling Your Home

This is Alex, the Dunnaway family cat.  He’s been around for nine years now.  While we love him, sometimes he can be a smelly kitty.

I know how quickly pet smells can take over your house. When selling your home, it’s crucial to deal with lingering pet odors that may deter prospective buyers. The good news is there are effective ways to tackle these aromas.

First, give your carpets a deep clean to remove embedded odors. Rent a steam cleaner or hire professional carpet cleaners to scrub out smells using pet-friendly cleaners and deodorizers. If odors persist after cleaning, replacing soiled carpets altogether may be needed.

Next, launder any pet beds, pillows, curtains or slipcovers in hot water using an odor-fighting detergent. This will remove stains and smells from fabrics. Just be sure to air dry items in the sunshine to prevent locking in damp smells.

Limit pets to one room during home showings and keep the space clean. However, your best bet is removing pets from the home altogether when prospective buyers will be touring. Ask a friend or family member to watch them, or board pets at a kennel or hotel for the day. This prevents accidents and allows you to fully clean and air out the house.

Invest in some plug-in air fresheners to keep each room smelling fresh between showings. And be diligent about scooping kitty litter boxes.

With some work, you can get pet odors under control before listing your home. Thoroughly tackling smells now will make for a quicker sale down the road. And removing pets during showings ensures your furry friends don’t leave the wrong impression on buyers.

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