What is Curb Appeal And Why Does It Matter?

Here at Dunnaway Property Group, we serve home sellers throughout western Kentucky – including the communities of Murray, Cadiz, Benton and Eddyville. In this real estate market, curb appeal is more important than ever when it comes to getting top dollar for your property.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of a home’s exterior and surrounding landscape that buyers see from the street. As your local property experts, we can tell you first impressions make a big difference in home sales. When potential buyers pull up to a listing, the home’s curb appeal shapes their interest and opinions right from the start.

Great Curb Appeal Signals a Well-Maintained Home

Great curb appeal signals to buyers that a home has been well-cared for inside and out. Upgrades like eye-catching landscaping, a fresh coat of paint on the front door trim, and repairs to anything visibly worn or damaged can help listings stand out.

On the contrary, poor curb appeal is a red flag about problems buyers can’t see from the street. In our competitive western Kentucky real estate market, outstanding curb appeal can be what it takes to seal the deal over another comparable listing.

Helps Buyers Visualize Ownership

As buyers walk up to your front door, they’re already picturing themselves living in your home. That’s why we advise clients to make reasonable fixes like repairing a broken fence or repainting an outdated color on the home’s exterior.

Helping buyers visualize move-in ready curb appeal gets them excited and emotionally invested in your property. In our experience selling homes throughout western Kentucky and the lakes area, this directly translates to better offers.

So while renovating kitchens and bathrooms has value in the right listing, improving curb appeal offers one of the highest returns for budget-conscious sellers. A small investment refreshing your home’s exterior and landscaping can contribute tremendously to the final sale price.

Contact us to find out more about maximizing your home’s curb appeal when you’re ready to sell!  We’re just a phone call or a text away.   And make sure to check out our awesome section on the ins-and-outs of listing your home.

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